Imani Missions, Inc. - Holistic service for all nations.
Leadership Team Bios
Anthony Wanjogu: Founder, President and Executive Director of Imani Missions.  Originally from Kenya, Anthony founded Imani in 2001 and sought to help the AIDS/HIV orphans of Nairobi, Kenya.  He is seminary trained and has lived in the United States for over 15 years.
Reneé Wanjogu: Reneé is Vice-President of Imani Missions.  She also secretary of another non-profit known as hidden jewel that offers re-entry empowerment to incarcerated women. Reneé has been on the board since the beginning.  Her loyalty to the vision was crucial when few else belived in the mission.  Reneé brings a servant heart mentality to leadership that reminds leaders and volunteers the object of service is Christ. 
McClain Smith:
"Mick" is the treasurer of Imani Missions and has over 30 years of banking experience. He helped Anthony resurrect Imani in 2009. 
Mignon Ragin:Mignon is the secretary of Imani Missions and has been part of Imani since 2009. She led a Medical Team to Mombasa, Kenya in 2011.  Mignon has been to Kenya many times and her working in the medical field has been a true asset.
Keith Ragin:Keith has over 20 years of IT experience.  He joined our team in 2010.  Keith co-led a team with his wife Mignon in 2011.


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